Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Downtown Meat Market Having Its Grand Opening Today

New Mennonite Market upon Abbeville's town square.

For those of you who have been looking forward to the New "Court Square Market" - opening in downtown Abbeville - the wait is finally over. It's having its Grand Opening today - Thursday the 30th of September - and, wow, what a place to shop! All I can say is that neither: Ingles, nor Bi-Lo compare - when it comes to price verses meat selection. I was enthralled by everything about this new Mennonite store. It is well laid out, extremely well presented, and the products largely available are of exceptionally good quality! More importantly, the profits will stay in Abbeville and benefit our own local community; unlike the big box stores around town.

Although it compares to "The Pantry Shoppe" out on the Due West highway, it is much grander in every single detail and is conveniently located in downtown Abbeville. They've pulled out all of the stops on this one folks, so Y'all best check it out real soon! The owner Marv Stoltzfus can take reasonable pride in his unique and highly valuable accomplishment. In case you don't know where it is yet... it's located in the Old Savitz Drug Store building right on the town square. For your reference - until the new phone books come out - the new store's phone number is #366-9675.

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*** Being greeted with Free Samples upon entering the New Mennonite Market. My kind of store! :0)

Free Samples being offered during the grand opening - this week.

An excellent selection of meats at entirely reasonable prices awaits you....

My personal favorite is the baked goods section, its just delicious....

Look at those pies... OMG folks, I've died and gone to heaven!

Photo from across the middle of the store....

Fast and friendly service at the checkout is assured at the Court Square Market.

Be sure to check out the little Mennonite Craft Shop in the back section of the store, called: "Primitive Home And Gifts," as well... its owners Gary and Jeanetta Yoder have a wonderful selection of unique gifts and crafts - which will brighten up anyone's home! Their new craft store, located within The Court Square Market, has replaced their smaller Trinity Street location; and includes an even greater selection to currently choose from. They are always happy to assist you; and these pictures are [also] included below.

Entering the "Primitive Home and Gift Center" at Court Square Market....

A particularly nice piece of Mennonite artwork at "Primitive Home and Gifts."
Quality Mennonite merchandise on now on display at "Primitive Home and Gifts."

Another view from "The Primitive Home and Gifts Store" at Court Square Market.

Although store traffic was extremely heavy, during the New Grand Opening, the workers were bright and cheerful and quite [honestly] grateful for the opportunity to happily and efficiently serve their new Abbeville customers. Altogether, the atmosphere at Court Square Market was by far the most pleasant that I have experienced, in quite some time, while shopping. I give this one a definite "A Plus" overall... and I don't make such recommendations very lightly!

For Your General Knowledge:

Abbeville has a very large and vibrant Mennonite community; and we are honestly very grateful for them. They are: quality conscious, hardworking, industrious, and morally upright citizens in our local community... and they contribute tremendously to our local social fabric! To learn more about the Mennonites and Amish, consider reading: "Who Are the Anabaptists?" by Donald B Kraybill.

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