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Abraham Lincoln [The Northern Despot]: A Product Of Smooth Southern Seduction

Abbeville's President Abraham Lincoln?
As difficult as it may be, for most self-respecting southerners to admit, President Abraham Lincoln was just as intricately connected to Abbeville County as the concept of "Lawful State Secession." Regardless of his paternity, Abraham Lincoln was factually conceived in Abbeville!  While it is firmly believed that many in our town are just a bunch of "Red-Necked Bastards," in Lincoln's case the evidence is actually pretty strong.... Perhaps, not a "Red Neck," but definitely "A Bastard!" His actions as President, need not be included....

As the local story goes, "Honest Abe" is the very own offspring of one Southern Statesman named John C. Calhoun [a long time resident of Abbeville] and a local barmaid, Ms. Nancy Hanks. If true, then Abbeville has a lot more skeletons in its closet, than many of us have ever expected. Personally, the owner of one local Confederate Shop strongly detests this idea... however, the facts are extremely strong in its overall favor. Whereas, "The Truth" regarding his paternity may never be satisfactorily known.

Meanwhile, the numerous verifiable facts speak for themselves. For instance:
  • Ms. Nancy Hanks, Abe's mother, was a local barmaid at "Orr's Tavern" in Craytonville, South Carolina - which was run by members of her Hanks/Orr family.
  • John C. Calhoun regularly frequented this local watering hole and enjoyed Nancy's company at almost every available opportunity - according to documented witnesses.
  • Ms. Hanks was pregnant with child upon leaving the county, and did indeed give birth - to Abraham - shortly after arriving in North Carolina.
  • Tom Lincoln - who was hired by John C. Calhoun to take her to relatives in Kentucky - for unstated reasons - only married her after Abraham's birth.
  • Abraham Lincoln suffered the rare genetic and paternal malady of "Marfan Disease" - which could only have come from his true father.
  • Vice-President Calhoun was medically documented as having this particular genetic disease - of Marfan.
  • While, in the Abbeville County Courthouse is one child support agreement - on file between Mr. John C. Calhoun and Ms. Nancy Hanks for the sum of $100.00 per year in child support - for one unnamed illegitimate child born February 12th, 1809.

John C. Calhoun - possibly Lincoln's father?
The apparent irony of this inevitable disclosure - regarding the illegitimate paternity of President Abraham Lincoln - is that Vice-President John C. Calhoun was the primary advocate for Sovereign State Rights [prior to the Civil War] and Lincoln was the primary causation of its seemingly inevitable destruction upon America's Civil War Battlefields! Thus, one familial line may have decided the fate of a nation and caused the disruption of millions of American lives... all the while, it was just one family's squabble amongst themselves. Was this the primary motivation for what some have labeled "Lincoln's War" - in so many northern newspapers of that period? Who knows....

While all of this documented evidence is not entirely conclusive, in itself, the probability of this actual "Lincoln/Calhoun Connection" is extremely high - when all things are properly considered. Just because certain long standing Confederate Supporters now find the whole idea quite repugnant - to their own personal sensibilities - we cannot ignore this veritable mountain of circumstantial evidence. Of course, the only way we can possibly know for sure is to examine their own genetic material... and I'm sure that neither: The Unionists, nor The Confederates, would ever allow that to occur! Some things are better off [factually] unknown....

***Note: For more upon "The Issue of Secession," read:

About our contributor:
Francis R. Barbour
Francis R. Barbour is an: author, freelance writer, and internet blogger - who attended Lander University from 1983 until 1987. As a long time resident of Abbeville, he has been: a past member of The Abbeville Jaycees [in good standing], a ten year member of The South Carolina Army National Guard [honorably discharged], and an outspoken advocate for openness, honesty, and disclosure in our local and national government. He currently maintains a number of political and religious blogs and writes articles for


  1. It's interesting how environmental politics dominates most people's common sense regarding their inability to think independently of it.
    Lincoln's penchant for politics may also have been hereditary, and he was certifiably insane-- however this is always hushed up by pro-government academicians and schoolteachers who worship at the Temple of Lincoln since birth.
    It brings up an interesting question how Hitler would be considered if he had won the war, i.e. if he would today be worshippedas the same kind of hero? Logic suggests that he would indeed.

  2. Please share your documentation for this: "In the Abbeville County Courthouse is one child support agreement - on file between Mr. John C. Calhoun and Ms. Nancy Hanks for the sum of $100 per year in child support - for one unnamed illegitiamate child born February 12th, 1809."

  3. Nancy Hanks married Thomas Lincoln and is the mother of Abraham Lincoln, the controversy involves Nancy's mother Lucy not Nancy herself. Nancy Hanks is the illegitimate daughter of Lucy Hanks and an unknown man, Lucy would never reveal the name of Nancy's father. Recent DNA tests do appear to confirm Nancy Hanks as the daughter of Lucy Hanks, granddaughter of Joseph Hanks.

    Nancy Hanks would be sent to live with her maternal grandparents until the death of her grandfather in 1793 when she was 9. Lucy Hanks had at least one other child out of wedlock, Sally or Sarah Hanks born around 1788 /1789 resulting in Lucy Hanks being charged in Mercer County with "fornication" in 1789. Shortly before a court date in 1790 Henry Sparrow initiated a marriage bond between himself and Lucy Hanks which effectively saved her from the charges.

    One of the more famous quotes attributed to Lincoln directly discuss his mother's illegitimacy, it's something to the effect of, "I don't know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be."


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