Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Abbeville Property Tax Deliquincies are way up this year.

A Generic Post Office photo....
According to The Abbeville Post Office, the number of: " Delinquent Tax Notices " - this year has completely dwarfed all previous years. Whether it's our: 20 Percent Local Unemployment Rate, Stagnant Personal Wages Over 20 Years Of Inflation, or Just The Economy In General - is now functionally irrelevant. What is relevant, however, is ' The Lesson Involved '.  When The Worst Case Scenario eventually happens, as it always inevitably does, the importance of Principles soon becomes obvious to everyone!

When the average Hard-Working and Law-Abiding Tax Slave is threatened with losing his home, it's an eye opening experience for all of us. Our State and Federal Governments already tax us at all points in the process.... they take it when we earn it, they take it when we spend it, they take it when we give it away, and they take it when we die... they add in special taxes for: Gasoline, Automotive Parts, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and many other Selective Products... they add in: Special Licenses, Permits, Registrations, Usage Taxes, and Fees... and leave us virtually nothing, upon which a man might rightfully exist.

But then, we must face The Local Tax Offices.... who exist for the sole purpose of continually forcing us back into The National Workforce - after a lifetime are hard fought labors! You see, Property Taxes are are just a fancy governmental term for Legalized Extortion. Why should a man pay rent to a governmental landlord - in order to keep what's already his, by his own human efforts and right? Why should he be forced to choose between: Food, Clothing, and Shelter - when that shelter has already been paid for? In Principle, this truly isn't right!

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