Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Abbeville Property Tax Deliquincies are way up this year.

A Generic Post Office photo....
According to The Abbeville Post Office, the number of: " Delinquent Tax Notices " - this year has completely dwarfed all previous years. Whether it's our: 20 Percent Local Unemployment Rate, Stagnant Personal Wages Over 20 Years Of Inflation, or Just The Economy In General - is now functionally irrelevant. What is relevant, however, is ' The Lesson Involved '.  When The Worst Case Scenario eventually happens, as it always inevitably does, the importance of Principles soon becomes obvious to everyone!

When the average Hard-Working and Law-Abiding Tax Slave is threatened with losing his home, it's an eye opening experience for all of us. Our State and Federal Governments already tax us at all points in the process.... they take it when we earn it, they take it when we spend it, they take it when we give it away, and they take it when we die... they add in special taxes for: Gasoline, Automotive Parts, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and many other Selective Products... they add in: Special Licenses, Permits, Registrations, Usage Taxes, and Fees... and leave us virtually nothing, upon which a man might rightfully exist.

But then, we must face The Local Tax Offices.... who exist for the sole purpose of continually forcing us back into The National Workforce - after a lifetime are hard fought labors! You see, Property Taxes are are just a fancy governmental term for Legalized Extortion. Why should a man pay rent to a governmental landlord - in order to keep what's already his, by his own human efforts and right? Why should he be forced to choose between: Food, Clothing, and Shelter - when that shelter has already been paid for? In Principle, this truly isn't right!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Walking Tour Of Abbeville In The Springtime....

The Downtown Renovation continues....
While construction continues upon The Downtown Abbeville Renovation Project, and the City of Abbeville is undergoing A Very Expensive and Time-Consuming Facelift - leaving us with more than 30 fewer [but, still highly-needed] parking spaces - The Natural Effects Of Springtime have given us Some "True Splendors" To Enjoy, at virtually no public expense! The following local photos were taken around Abbeville, over several Warm and Sunny Days, by Linda Young and I, while walking around town. We both hope, that you shall thoroughly enjoy them!

A magnificent: "Clump of  Irises...."
Having started out - upon: "Our Walk About" - on Magazine Street, we were truly amazed by the simple beauty - which was once again flourishing along the wayside of Abbeville's Mostly Unadorned and Middle Class Neighborhoods. From: The Dogwoods and Daffodils [which were fully in bloom], to The Lawns and Hedges [that provided their verdant background of contrasting greenery] - this two hour long stroll provided Much Delicate Food For The Soul... and together, We Praised Yahweh - for such abundantly ample blessings!

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Real Problem With All Of These Bailouts....

Comedians Clarke and Dawe.
Having stumbled into this very timely video, By Clarke and Dawe, which discusses the finer points of: "Our Ongoing Financial Woes" - I thought that you [also] might like to see it.... Absolutely No-One Can Explain Such All-Important Matters - like Clarke and Dawe! Just watch the following video, and you'll very soon see....

"The Trouble With All Of These Bailouts...."
Clarke and Dawe teach us to just: "Follow The Money...."

I must say, that they really have a handle - upon This Whole Financial Disaster and Lending Paradox! "Who is going to Bailout, those Who Are Bailing Out, the ones Who Are Getting Bailed Out?" And, more importantly, who will be [actually] sitting, "In A Sound Financial Chair" - when the music finally stops? The Answer [of course] Is: "No One!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blizzard Of 2011 And Global Warming

Blizzard of 2011 blanketed Abbeville homes....
While we continue to hear about the long term complications of: "Global Warming," "Planetary Temperature Change," and "Climactic Shift" - fewer and fewer Americans are [honestly] buying it! It's not that Planetary Temperature Change isn't possible. Rather, it's exactly the opposite. Planetary Temperatures have never been stable... and yet, the very same plants and animals are still here - after [purportedly] millions of years. In fact, our planet has been several degrees warmer and entirely ice free - at several points in the past geologic record; and yet, amazingly, we still have Polar Bears today!

Abbeville County Courthouse - Jan. 2011.
Most of us recognize the readily apparent reality that Planetary Temperature Changes will always continue to occur. After all, Climactic Shift has happened in naturally occurring cycles; and our more recent history doesn't display anything at all different. Nor, have our Highly-Educated and Well-Compensated Scientists displayed a very reliable track record when it comes to understanding such complex and natural processes. For all of our amazing technology, they continue to overturn their own scientific findings with an alarming frequency of regularity.

Some [More Recent] Examples:
  • Coffee: Carcinogen, or Antioxidant?
  • Eggs: Heart Attack Waiting To Happen, or Health Conscious Breakfast Food?
  • Cell Phones: Microwave Radiation Threat, or Passively Useful Devices?
  • Sunscreens: Cancer Preventative, or Specific Carcinogenic Threat? 

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