Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Walking Tour Of Abbeville In The Springtime....

The Downtown Renovation continues....
While construction continues upon The Downtown Abbeville Renovation Project, and the City of Abbeville is undergoing A Very Expensive and Time-Consuming Facelift - leaving us with more than 30 fewer [but, still highly-needed] parking spaces - The Natural Effects Of Springtime have given us Some "True Splendors" To Enjoy, at virtually no public expense! The following local photos were taken around Abbeville, over several Warm and Sunny Days, by Linda Young and I, while walking around town. We both hope, that you shall thoroughly enjoy them!

A magnificent: "Clump of  Irises...."
Having started out - upon: "Our Walk About" - on Magazine Street, we were truly amazed by the simple beauty - which was once again flourishing along the wayside of Abbeville's Mostly Unadorned and Middle Class Neighborhoods. From: The Dogwoods and Daffodils [which were fully in bloom], to The Lawns and Hedges [that provided their verdant background of contrasting greenery] - this two hour long stroll provided Much Delicate Food For The Soul... and together, We Praised Yahweh - for such abundantly ample blessings!

A "Camellia Bush" upon Magazine St.
And there were many, Of These Natural and God-Given Blessings, to be thoroughly grateful for... as we continued along, upon our walk! While many of us appreciate the magnanimous forethought of those who plant these: "True Wonders Of Nature," we often forget The God Of Creation who has provided for Their Natural Existence and Ongoing Sustenance - since, "The Very Beginning Of Time...."

Lush greenery as Spring Renews Itself....
Even as: "The Foundations Of Our Earth Are Now Being Shaken" - as so long ago prophesied - there is [yet] much beauty to be enjoyed, by those who fully appreciate, Such Simple Things. If only The Majority of Our Brothers And Sisters could [honestly] Wake Up - from Their Spiritually Induced Slumber and begin to appreciate, what they already possess! After all, what is the point of: Money, Material Wealth, and Financial Success  - if our entire entire lives are Physically Consumed, in pursuing them, to the exclusion of all else?

One local homeowner has "The Right Idea."
As humans, we must [properly] dedicate: "At least, some portion of our lives" - towards an appreciation for the world, which fully surrounds us; and towards Yahweh [God Himself] who has so amply for provided it! In The Rush and Hustle, that is: "Our Daily Life" - for so many of us - we no longer understand The True Importance of Such Balanced Perspectives... and our: Families, Homes, Local Communities, States, and Nations - are [now] greatly suffering for it.

A retaining wall on South Main Street.
But for those, Who Fully Understand What Is [Now] Happening - as so long ago promised, that it would eventually occur -  such things aren't nearly as traumatic as they could be. In fact, we can take all of these things in stride, In Our Faith that: "Yahweh Is [now, and has always been] Fully In Control Of Everything" - as always....

America hasn't escaped, what's coming....
This is not to say, that Our Current Worldwide Events aren't deeply disturbing and horrifically tragic for those now undergoing them... for, they most definitely are! After all, who among us, hasn't already felt: "The Ever-Increasing Birth Pains Of His Kingdom" - or has remained fully untouched, by Their Personally Deleterious and Physical Effects? Although we may not realize it yet, America [Itself] Now Closely Resembles This Flag, which we also captured - upon our own walk about town.

Another lovely flowering bush.
And undoubtedly, Far Worse Is Now Coming... But, then again, so is: "The Wedding Feast Of Yahshua!" For it is written, that: "Yahweh Giveth [that which is Truthfully Needed] And Yahweh Taketh Away [that which has continually hindered Our Own Spiritual Growth]..." and we can echo, The True Sentiments Of His Prophets, when we [ourselves] proclaim: "Praised Be The Name Of Yahweh, In All Of The Earth!"

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