Sunday, September 12, 2010

Abbeville Is Slowly And Subtly Changing Over Time

Abbeville County Courthouse - on the square.
Although many in Abbeville, South Carolina may have noticed the subtle changes - which have occurred in the last couple of years - many who have moved away will now notice [from this photo] that the County Courthouse is looking much brighter than in times past. This is due, in large part, to certain subtle changes in the exterior landscaping - which occurred right around the time of our last Abbeville Tornado. At that time, the city embarked upon a new project to let in much needed ambient light and remove several massive old growth oak trees - which largely prevented it.

It was a very good thing too, since The 2008 Abbeville Tornado would have probably demolished much of our downtown area had they not so smartly done so! As it was, much of the city was heavily damaged - and left without power, for around two weeks - in its very significant aftermath. A much belated Kudos must be given to these fine city employees who worked so very hard to clean it all up afterward. As one long-time resident of Wardlaw Street stated:
  • "They did a fine job, in clearing up this whole mess... but I sure wish they started with 'Wardlaw.'" 

The Abbeville Tornado in 2008 struck around dark.
Well, everyone can't be first to have their streets cleared, or power restored, and I have it from a very good source that he has since forgiven them this one small civic transgression. The source which shall remain unnamed lives in one of Abbeville's few dark blue houses - with nicely contrasting antique white trim. He's somewhat of a "Rebel Without A Viable Cause" - as are many of our other local inhabitants. No surprise there, really.... We are "The Birthplace of The Confederacy," after all! However, back to our local story about the Abbeville County Courthouse....

Abbeville Town Clock replica.
Although the beautiful period clock in this particular photo seems quite genuine, when compared to the original Abbeville town clock, it is actually a carefully crafted replica - which [not only] looks much better, than the older one, but frankly keeps much better time as well. It was installed along with a large number of new, but period appropriate, street lanterns throughout the town. For once, they all match - from one end of the town to the other! What a marvel idea, from the minds of Abbeville's Elite Town Leadership.... What will they [honestly] think of next?

Well, actually, they have initiated a whole number of wonderful new changes - in an effort to revamp our beautiful and largely historic little town. For instance:
  • The Sidewalks On Trinity Street have been completely restored to full pedestrian functionality and physical attractiveness. 
  • The Original Town Stables Building has been completely restored as an Indoor Farmers Market.
  • We now have New Public Bathrooms adjacent to the Farmers Market and Public Parking Area.
  • And, The Rebuilt Sidewalks Lining North Main Street are as nice as they can come.

19 Percent Unemployment in Abbeville.
Which, to my personal way of thinking: does a great deal for The City of Abbeville's "Local Self-Esteem," but it does absolutely nothing for our local economy - which has suffered horribly, under thirty years of prolonged City and [even] County Mismanagement. Apart from, the largely failing: Art Galleries, Restaurants, and Antique Stores - which didn't generate much actual revenue, even before this prolonged recession - Abbeville has few local businesses to still [currently] boast of! With one of the highest overall levels of unemployment in the State of South Carolina, perhaps we should reconsider the negative growth policies of our more recent past?

What say Y'all, upon this very important local subject? I would greatly appreciate your comments - following this particular news article. I am considering giving it a political go, potentially in the future, and I would greatly appreciate your own personal input - upon this particular subject. However, please be duly considerate of others and properly respectful. Remember, this is The South and We'all [at least attempt to] observe a certain public decorum. Cursing is for: "When the object of your scorn cannot potentially hear you..." as is gossip, and all other such grossly sinful talk - which is largely disrespecting of others. Believe me, Y'all - That's, "Bonafide!"

About our contributor:
Francis R. Barbour
Francis R. Barbour is an: author, freelance writer, and internet blogger - who attended Lander University from 1983 until 1987. As a long time resident of Abbeville, he has been: a past member of The Abbeville Jaycees [in good standing], a ten year member of The South Carolina Army National Guard [honorably discharged], and an outspoken advocate for openness, honesty, and disclosure in our local and national government. He currently maintains a number of political and religious blogs and writes articles for

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