Monday, September 13, 2010

Joke Of The Day: The People Have Spoken

Barrack Obama on telephone.
Tired of his increasingly lower political approval ratings and the numerous Tea Party rallies being held outside of The White House, President Barrack H. Obama decided to do something constructive about it. So, when things were slow in the office, he called up his CIA Director and said: "I've got a special assignment for you guys to handle... send me, over, your very best agent in the morning!"

Within minutes, a special coded message was sent out to The Middle East, and the most talented American CIA Operative was soon headed back to Langley, Virginia. Upon receiving the details of his personal presidential assignment, the next morning, he headed straight away to The White House in order to be briefed upon the particular specifics.

 As he arrived in the Oval Office, Barrack greeted him with a sigh of utter relief. Then he began: "I hear you're the best in the business... and that is precisely what I need at this time...."

"I also hear that you are incredibly dutiful, honorable and loyal. I need that, more than anything else - at this time."

Agent: "Yes sir, Mr. President, I am!"

Obama: "I can't seem to trust what my staff tells me, anymore. Everything they tell me seems to just work out all wrong, dammit!"

"First, there was that whole Banking Bailout... then the damn Health Care Fiasco... and now I'm dropping in the polls - even faster than, Bernanke's destroying The Dollar.... I just don't know what to do anymore."

Agent: "I understand, sir. How may I help?"

Obama:  "I want you to visit every State in the Union, every Major City... and I want you to stay out on the road - until you have an idea of what the vast majority of Americans honestly expect from me, as their president.... Do you understand?"

The CIA agent responded in the affirmative, and he left The White House immediately. He wasn't heard from again, for nearly four months. Finally, when he showed up early - upon one Saturday morning - the President eagerly demanded to see him immediately.

Obama: "Did you find out what the vast majority of Americans honestly expect from me, as their president?"

Agent: "Yes, sir, I did."

"Well, then, what do they want from me?" Obama demanded.

So the agent pulled out an: old, yellowed, and frail paper scroll - from underneath his jacket - and then handed it to the President.

Agent: "They want you to read this, sir...."

So, Obama unrolled the scroll and examining it closely, then stated: "But... this is, The United States Constitution...?"

Agent: Yes sir, they know that...."

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