Thursday, September 16, 2010

Local Abbevillian Wins Online Humor Contest

Abbevillian wins online humor contest.
Local Abbevillian - freelance writer and internet blogger - Francis R. Barbour [who calls himself, The Real American] recently won an online humor competition, by hilariously captioning a very interesting police photo!

The "Caption This" Contest - which was being held at the Comedy Plus blog - is a regular and friendly competition among internet bloggers, upon that particular daily humor site. When we approached Mr. Barbour, for our own Town Exclusive Interview, he stated:
  • "Go figure... I thought the guy in third place would have won? After all, 'There ain't enough milkbones in the WORLD, Bubba' was a pretty darn good response."

Meanwhile, after having closely scrutinized the photo in question, we too must admit that he could be right... since the expression and even body language given off, by that particular bloodhound, is priceless! Ultimately, however, we can still see why the site chose his interesting and clever response out of dozens of other very well-written choices. One must honestly note all three primary subjects in the picture, in order to get the full benefit of his incredible talent for captioning. But, it [definitely] works on a far deeper level, than the numerous other submitted responses!

Congratulations, definitely goes out to Mr. Barbour - for representing your town so well and bringing back the gold!

*** Note: For those of you who haven't seen the photo in question, or who missed the link at the top, please visit Comedy Plus and see what all this fuss is about. You'll be glad you did! ;0)

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