Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Daylight Savings Time" And Other Such Foolishness

Does "Daylight Savings Time" really save time?
Here we are once again moving our clocks backward, like the "Foolish Social Lemmings" that we are... and to what [honest] purpose do we continue do so? Is there any actual merit in this twice yearly ritual of adjusting our clocks for the Spring and Autumn Seasons? Let us consider the facts, as they currently stand - within the readily apparent daylight of our all too common and human reality....

For Instance:
  • Each day consists of 24 physical hours regardless of when it effectively starts or stops.
  • It encompasses the exact same amount of daylight and darkness.
  • Most businesses now operate under the "Daily Work Shift" System and span multiple work shifts.
  • And who has ever worked at a single business that didn't utilize Interior Lighting - for reasons of convenience and safety - in the daytime, as well as, at night? 

In what way are we "Saving" anything? We most certainly aren't saving: Time, Daylight, Electricity, or [even] Money... and considering the millions of man hours, that we waste as a nation setting and resetting our clocks, we are actually "Wasting" a great deal of: Time, Labor, and Energy - while observing an unyielding Cultural Mythology! Wake Up, people and start thinking for yourselves.... You certainly can't do any worse, than those currently in charge.

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