Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Blizzard Of 2011 And Global Warming

Blizzard of 2011 blanketed Abbeville homes....
While we continue to hear about the long term complications of: "Global Warming," "Planetary Temperature Change," and "Climactic Shift" - fewer and fewer Americans are [honestly] buying it! It's not that Planetary Temperature Change isn't possible. Rather, it's exactly the opposite. Planetary Temperatures have never been stable... and yet, the very same plants and animals are still here - after [purportedly] millions of years. In fact, our planet has been several degrees warmer and entirely ice free - at several points in the past geologic record; and yet, amazingly, we still have Polar Bears today!

Abbeville County Courthouse - Jan. 2011.
Most of us recognize the readily apparent reality that Planetary Temperature Changes will always continue to occur. After all, Climactic Shift has happened in naturally occurring cycles; and our more recent history doesn't display anything at all different. Nor, have our Highly-Educated and Well-Compensated Scientists displayed a very reliable track record when it comes to understanding such complex and natural processes. For all of our amazing technology, they continue to overturn their own scientific findings with an alarming frequency of regularity.

Some [More Recent] Examples:
  • Coffee: Carcinogen, or Antioxidant?
  • Eggs: Heart Attack Waiting To Happen, or Health Conscious Breakfast Food?
  • Cell Phones: Microwave Radiation Threat, or Passively Useful Devices?
  • Sunscreens: Cancer Preventative, or Specific Carcinogenic Threat? 

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