Bulletin Board

As a service to our fellow Abbeville community members, we are offering this local bulletin board service. In order to have your information listed on it, just send us an email at frank32965@gmail.com - with all of the necessary details. It's as simple as that. As a blog, on a limited budget, we cannot operate a true bulletin board per se... so please bear with us.

Local Wants And Needs:
  • Wanted any old photos of Abbeville and its nearby environs circa 1960's and 1970's. We are particularly interested in: The Old Abbeville Fairgrounds, The County Fair, The Abbeville Grenadiers, The Southeastern Tournament Of Bands, Abbeville High School, Championship Team Photos, etc.... 
  • ***Note: they will be posted online for public viewing -  as needed - with permission.

Yard Sales:
  • With nicer weather in our Spring forecast, it's time to hold A Yard Sale. If you're looking for more customers to show up, then It Pays To Advertise It. Particularly, when It's Free! It just goes without saying....

Local Area Bloggers:
  • If you are An Online Blogger, who resides in Abbeville, SC - then send us an email at frank32965@gmail.com and we'll gladly provide you A Free Link To Your Site. Bear in mind, however, we do reserve the right to choose whom we shall Officially: Promote, Endorse, and/or Advertise - based upon certain personally held beliefs and other equally important criteria.

Employment Opportunities:
  • Are you A Local Employer needing to recruit: "New Workers" - then tell us about it! It doesn't cost you anything to do it; and someone in Abbeville sure might breath easier with a job to pay their: Groceries, Taxes, and/or Utilities this month. Let's all pull together....

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