Disclosure Policy

Although we have an online magazine format, we aren't the local newspaper. As a blog, we are a local Editorial/News Medium - which possesses both: Freedom of The Press and Freedom of Speech in an equal constitutional measure! Consequently, we can [and, in fact, will] take sides on certain issues - from time to time. As residents - living in Abbeville - we ourselves are impacted by the: arrogant, foolish, and [even] outright stupid decisions of our local political leaders. Therefore, we shall tell it like it is, come hell or high water!

This will usually take the form of a mild ribbing - rather than a sterner and condemnatory rebuke - since we do [in fact] appreciate our more-genteel southern decorum. If this seems offensive to you, then please just let it go.... We are not itching for a fight. However, if you can't let it go [and any unseemly reprisals occur], then bear in mind that, "We Are An Online Platform..." for we are not afraid to utilize it, to the very best of our abilities! Common Sense is the key here, I'm just saying....

Blogs are merely Semi-Public Forums analogous to: large, yet still, private, and personal conversations - occurring amidst many others in an open and public location. Getting angry with us - because of what you read here - is like being upset over something you heard, while listening in on someone else's conversation. If you don't like what's being said, then feel free to dive right in to the conversation - like you most certainly would in public... otherwise, forget it ever occurred!

Believe it or not, everyone is entitled to their own personal opinions. Yahweh [God] gave each of us our own two brains; and Our Enlightened Ancestors fully understood this readily apparent [or self-evident] physiological concept. If you cannot grasp these principles, then may God help you.... There is no "Freedom from Offense" found within The United States Constitution. If there was, then no other freedoms could have been honestly allowed!

Everything we do [honestly] offends someone... doesn't it? Remember, that: no matter which way you answer this question - you are factually offending someone.... Now, do you understand the real problem? I sure hope so.
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